The Question Everyone Asks: What Sparked Me to Write On the Edge of the Loch?

A particular incident did spark my new novel. Here’s how I recount it in the opening pages of the book:

Dear Reader . . .

One late-summer evening a long time ago,

in a little picturesque train station,

I noticed a graceful young woman sitting alone;

she looked to be waiting for someone.

Over the next week I re-visited the station on

five occasions to photograph it in different light.

The woman was there every time,

still waiting.

On the day I was leaving, our eyes engaged,

a moment of silent conversation;

she smiled, seemed about to say something.

Then her head dropped, she turned away.

I never saw her again.

Never knew why she was there or who she longed for.

But she inspired this novel.

I couldn’t make her the main character,

she’s too much of a mystery.

So I wrote a bigger story around a driven man,

and married the two.

Thanks for reading it.

I think you’ll be glad you did.

Joseph Éamon Cummins, an award-winning writer, taught creative writing and psychology for ten years. His new novel On the Edge of the Loch: A Psychological Novel set in Ireland is available on Amazon in print or ebook –

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